The Kindness Pandemic: Love Stories, Our Stories

Over 500,000 members of The Kindness Pandemic Facebook Group have been invited to join the launch of ‘Love Stories’ – a new campaign developed in collaboration with Playgroup Organisations to create connections between ageing communities with younger generations in their families or the community.

“Playgroup Australia welcomes this initiative to help connect, stay in touch, and bring joy to our grandfriends. All who are missing their regular Intergenerational Playgroup visits with local families.”

Playgroup Australia CEO, Fiona May

The Kindness Pandemic isanAustralian-based initiative promoting acts of kindness for people impacted by Coronavirus around the world.

The Kindness Pandemic was established on the 14th of March with a Facebook Group that has since grown to over 500,000 members from around the world. All joining the movement to share acts of kindness by themselves, others or local organisations in their community.

In the past week, the group has campaigned to promote Random Acts of Kindness for supermarket staff, and another online movement that focuses on bestowing kindness to our incredible health care workers.

Their new campaign, Love Stories is today being launched in collaboration with Playgroup Australia and our State and Territory Playgroup Organisations. It aims to link ageing communities with younger generations in their families or the community, through messages. Reminding both young and old, they are loved.

Members of The Kindness Pandemic Facebook Group will be encouraged to share their Love Stories using the hashtag #TheKindnessPandemic, to raise awareness around the value of intergenerational connections between young and old. The messages received will be collated and distributed electronically to potential grandfriends – who are encouraged to respond to further foster relationships. Our modern day pen pals! 

The campaign aims to help reduce the anxiety and loneliness that older people within the community are prone to, especially in the current climate where they are at heightened health risk, as well as greater impacts from isolation due to COVID-19. 

The positive impacts of sharing the love letters, are set to inspire our whole community – so that all can benefit from intergenerational connection, value, and a better understanding about ageing. Enriching and bringing greater meaning to our lives.

“Ageism is so embedded in many cultures that we don’t even see it. Some of the discourses around the impacts of Coronavirus on older people have been ageist and this has contributed to the fears of older people. Acts of kindness won’t make Coronavirus go away; but they may change our experience of it.”

Campaign Founder Dr Catherine Barrett

Campaign Founder Dr Catherine Barrett established The Kindness Pandemic out of concern for older people. Dr Barrett, who coordinates Celebrate Ageing, a social enterprise challenging ageism and building respect for older people, said:

“Early feedback from parents is that the Love Stories Campaign will be embraced, particularly by those who have children at home, and older parents or grandparents who are isolated.”


The Kindness Pandemic:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: Campaign Founder Dr Catherine Barrett, 0429 582 237

For Playgroup Australia media enquiries and interviews please contact:

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 Playgroup Australia CEO Fiona May, 0422 794 712

#TheKindnessPandemic is playfully supported by our State and Territory Playgroup Organisations and our #PlayAtHome initiatives