Early Years Strategy a golden opportunity for families to tell the Government what matters


The development of an Early Years Strategy for Australia provides a golden opportunity for children and families to explain what matters to them and how the Government can help them to flourish.

‘We welcome the launch of the Australian Government’s Early Years Strategy process today,’ said Playgroup Australia Chair Trish Strachan.

‘In particular, we welcome the appointment of our Chief Executive, Dr Amanda Walsh, to the Government’s expert Advisory Panel for the Strategy,’ Ms Strachan said.

‘The Panel brings together a group of skilled, experienced and dedicated Australians, and we are very pleased that Playgroup Australia is making a contribution.’

Dr Walsh said Playgroup Australia would also be utilising the public consultation process to inform the Strategy.

‘We will be working with our members to identify how the Australian Government can do things differently to support the goals of all families,’ Dr Walsh said.

‘Our members hold a privileged position, working so closely with children, parents and carers in playgroup settings. We’ll be encouraging and helping them to contribute their experiences, ideas and aspirations in this process.’

‘I look forward to working with the other members of the Advisory Panel to help deliver a strong Early Years Strategy for Australia,’ said Dr Walsh.

Media contact: Dr Amanda Walsh

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