Boost Community Playgroups

Additional investment for community playgroups will help us develop, support, sustain and grow more playgroups nationally.

Funding Futures

What is the issue?

Community playgroups are established, led and sustained by volunteer participants. In this age of increasing pressure on the financial and time resources of families – current funding levels are not adequate to support growth and development. Increased funding support will alleviate burdens and help sustain community playgroups to meet the rising cost of venues and resources required to run free community playgroups and programs.

Why is this important for Communities?

  • Funding plays a vital role in employing additional Playgroup Development and Support Officers nationally, to work in partnership with other organisations to develop, grow, support and sustain community playgroups.
  • Additional investment will decrease financial barriers to community playgroups, and increase the range and reach of support delivered by state and territory playgroup organisations.
  • Currently there are 7560 community playgroups lead by volunteers operating nationally; funding will support volunteers who make community playgroups possible.
  • Research shows children who attend playgroup are less likely to be developmentally vulnerable when they start school (2012 Australian Early Development Census).
  • Playgroups build a sense of community and promote feelings of belonging and connectedness, having positive effects on children’s and family mental health.

Playgroup Australia Proposes
$3m per annum would support an additional 15 Playgroup Development and Support officers, along with funding for central support and coordination nationally to enable Playgroup STOs to fill the gaps in regional Australia and work closely to develop, support, sustain and grow more playgroups.