Community Programs

“Another benefit of having a multicultural playgroup is that most families are able to share similar experiences of settling in a new country and share information with each other.”

Parent, playgroup

7500 Community Playgroups a week

There are over 7500 Community Playgroups that usually meet weekly for up to two hours in venues such as community centres, halls, parks and homes of playgroup families. These are playgroups run by volunteer families and caregivers who attend the playgroup.

There is a small cost associated with venue hire or contribution to shared morning tea. Community playgroups are open to everyone; they are relaxed, flexible groups that respond to the needs of the people attending.

There are many community playgroups and you can search for playgroups for specific interests including remote locations, particular language and cultural groups and grandparents or children’s age groups.

Community Playgroups benefit communities by building support networks for families. Families attending playgroup develop friendships, support each other and often help new members find other services within their local communities.

Playgroup Australia is funded by the Australian Government’s Department of Social Services to support our state and territory organisations to deliver playgroups to their local communities.

“As my friendships have developed with other playgroup mums I‘ve been really helped by their generous and compassionate actions.”

Parent, playgroup