A review of community playgroup participation

In a paper written by researchers at the Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education at the Australian Catholic University Melbourne, published by the Australian Journal of Early Childhood through SAGE Journals, specifically investigated children and families’ participation in community playgroups between 2008 and 2018.

In conclusion the research found community playgroups to be a valued part of the early childhood landscape in Australia and internationally.

Not only do community playgroups have a historical presence in the early childhood education landscape in Australia (Townley, 2018), they are also represented in current policy documents (e.g. Australian National Early Years Learning Framework – DEEWR, 2009; Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework – DETV, 2016).

Although predominantly exploratory, community playgroup research has begun to provide valuable insight into different dimensions of participation. While these finding offer a positive reflection of the benefits of playgroup, they also identify opportunities to further build the evidence base for community playgroup participation.

Research into the benefits of community playgroup participation is an important part of building our community, and substantiating advocacy for greater investment in children and families through playgroup initiatives. Thanks to continued research reported in papers such as this one (available for purchase via link below), we can continue to build our understanding of the broader playgroup landscape and opportunities within it.

“One of the most powerful truths we can offer our children is the knowledge that we’re all still learning. None of us have arrived; we all have room to grow. This frees our kids from expecting perfection of themselves — or anyone else — because they know that life is a journey, from day one on.”
— Erica Layne

The full paper is available for purchase for $37.50 from SAGE Journals.