About Playgroup Australia

Playgroup Australia is a not-for-profit organisation, established in 1984 as the national representative body for playgroup organisations.

We want to ensure that every child and family in Australia has access to a quality playgroup. To do that, we advocate for playgroups and support Playgroup Australia members to strengthen delivery of quality services to young children and families.

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Why playgroups matter

There are thousands of playgroups operating across every state and territory of Australia.

Every playgroup is unique, but they all provide incredibly important services: play-based learning and social-emotional development for children; social support for parents and carers; and connections that build communities.

Research tells us that children who engage in play at home and in community-provided settings have better educational outcomes once they reach school. Just as importantly, extended social networks – such as playgroups – improve the mental health of parents and carers and support engaged parenting.

And economists tell us that, for $1 invested in playgroups, Australia gets back nearly $4 in value, through social, educational and health outcomes.

All of which means – life is better with playgroups!

Find out more about the evidence in our Playgroup Statement.

Playgroups for all!