Forging friendships young and old

The scene looks like a typical playgroup:

Sparkly dress ups hang haphazardly in the corner, dollies, trucks, hula-hoops and other toys are strewn across the floor and small children are buzzing around delightfully twirling in play; the only difference being, there is a large group of elderly people, who are also delightfully joining in with the action.

Upon arrival mid morning on a Tuesday, at the RSL LifeCare Albert Moore Garden’s (formerly Bimbimbie ) recreation room, bursts of laughter and cheerful play chatter can be heard, even before entering the building.

According to Playgroup NSW, intergenerational playgroup sessions improve the wellbeing and spirits of the elderly; whilst for young ones: interacting with a whole new group of people can give a “whole new persepective on life”.

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